COMPANY BROCHURE - Crunch Entertainment
    Synopses, Board of Advisors, Mission Statement.
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  SONNET - Currently in development, SONNET is a modern version of the "true" story behind why Shakespeare wrote the sonnets.

A romantic dramedy about washed-up poet Bill Bard. Suffering from a massive case of writers block and desperately in need of cash, Bill takes a million-dollar commission from billionaire businesswoman Elizabeth Tudor-Hampton. Bill's assignment: to convince Elizabeth's rebellious son, Henry, to give up his artistic aspirations and follow in his mother's corporate footsteps. But Bill's assignment backfires when life with bad-boy Henry inspires him in ways he never imagined.

This film takes place in fictional Hollyland, a blend of Tudor England and modern day Hollywood. Where the Interstate I-10 passes through the heart of downtown Los Angeles, the Thames now flows. In the near distance, where the iconic, circular Capital Records building used to sit, Tower Music now resides with its battlements on top. A helicopter zooms overhead on its way to media giant, Tudor, Inc., corporate home of the Tudor dynasty. In the mid-distance, the Globe. And on the Thames, boats scurry to pass under the Tower Bridge before it lowers.

"HOLLYLAND" Flyover CGI Previsualization:

  CRIMSON LAKE - A Supernatural Thriller
      PRODUCER'S PRESENTATION - Producer's Statement, Crimson Lake Poster, Synopses, Funding Breakdown, Crimson Lake Budget Topsheet, Cast Wish List and Comparable Films. Click to download; WindowsXP users: Right-Click to download.
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PRODUCER'S STYLEBOOK - References and inspirations for the color, lighting, special FX, ambience and general feel of Crimson Lake, created by Jeff Consiglio. Click to download; WindowsXP users: Right-Click to download.
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  DEADLY NIGHTSHADE - An Occult Thriller

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