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Written & Directed by Veronica DiPippo
Music & Sound by Marc Aramian

PLOTLINE: When an eccentric matriarch's husband dies suddenly, she summons her quarrelsome offspring to the family's lakeside home in Georgia. The three, offbeat, strong-willed daughters arrive expecting to mourn their father in the usual way. Instead, they experience a weekend full of shocking surprises, emotional bombshells and comical twists and turns that leave them all wondering: How well can we ever really know another human being or ourselves?


DiPippo directs with a sure hand, dealing sensitively with the family conflicts, and eliciting solid performances from her cast. Roseen makes a vivid figure of the eccentric Abby, for whom the death of her husband is a liberation as well as a grief. Joëlle somehow keeps Bailey likable despite her peppery nature, as she copes with an ongoing divorce and the death of her father. Lancaster is a sympathetic presence, striving to protect Abby from Bailey’s domineering ways. Carlisle lends an appealing daffiness to the actor who’s thrilled by the dramatic revelations about dear old Dad, and Ross reveals a touchingly self-effacing vulnerability as the other woman. Meghan Rogers has created a colorful, finely detailed set.

- Neal Weaver – Read more at Backstage

...LULU'S LAST STAND is a well written and insightful comedy. Irene Roseen's Abby...gives a fine performance with subtle shadings. Each of the daughters is played to perfection in this outstanding cast, like musical notes in a score. Meghan Rogers' whimsical set gives us a wonderful background. I loved the outdoor sounds by Marc Aramian....DiPippo gives us a very enjoyable evening filled with insights and laughter.

-- Audrey Linden, Read more at L.A. Examiner

The three young women more than hold their own on stage, asserting their individuality with verve and high spirits. Valeri Ross is endearing in a small but pivotal, role. Direction is by the playwright, the perfect costumes designed by Danielle Domingue. In conclusion, it’s safe to say that when the show is over, every married woman in the house will now look at her own spouse in a whole new light…

- Ingrid Wilmot – Read more at Will Call

“…an enjoyable and even inspiring look at an odd-ball mother and her three distinctive daughters….The women of Abby’s age in last night’s audience could be heard raving as they left the theatre, and that’s a high recommendation indeed. Film composer Marc Aramian’s sound design and original music do much to enhance the play’s moods, including those frequent interruptions by Bailey’s cell phone and some very realistic car sounds. ”

- -Stage Scene L.A.

“DiPippo's Abby is not a sullen character ruled by motherhood. She is refreshingly empowered with a full life….Roseen plays an authentic Southern belle who's past her prime; a quiet, genteel woman seeking polite solace in her lakeside home. Lancaster and Joelle go head-to-head as polar opposites….The women share solid onstage chemistry. Carlisle supplies a lightness that brings relief amidst the family's pain.”

- -Beverly Hills Patch

The Theater where it played. Theatre 40.

Meghan Rogers' set design, LULU'S LAST STAND

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